Katt Hefner

Katt Hefner enthralls listeners with her pure tone and sensual captivating melodic expression.  Clear and rich, her voice captivates audiences and takes them over the ebbs and tides of her musical creativity.  From lifting highs and resonant bells to the depths of tranquility, she reaches out to her audiences from around the world with her vibrant musical flair.

The Band

Saxophonist, composer and jazz educator Butch Thomas is well known and respected, having toured with Sting, Lenny Kravitz, the late legendary jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, Elton John, Diana Ross, James Taylor and many others.


Guitarist Vincent Sims attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston and has played with many recognized artists in the jazz and blues fields including Al Downing, Lucky Peterson, James Peterson, Koko Taylor, Katt Hefner, and Belinda Womack. Vince is one of the Tampa Bay area’s most sought after guitarists in the region.

Drummer James Varnado born in New Orleans has shared bookings with such music greats as Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy (Tommy Aldrich), Santana, Peter Frampton, ZZ Topp, and BB King to name a few. With 19 tours out of the United States to South America and Europe, including Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Brazil, Spain, France and 4 to Germany and Italy, he is blessed to be on stage playing and living a life doing what he loves to do.

Stan "The Man" Heffner

Born in Ford City Pennsylvania, organist Stan "The Man" Heffner is a self taught musician, a child prodigy.  He developed his high-energy style by watching live performances of Jimmy McGiff at the Crawford Grille and the Hollywood Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The power and depth with which he plays his massive vintage B3 organ leaves his audience entranced and always wanting more.

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