Jazz Musicians - Talented Jazz Band, female vocal and Hammond B3 organist.

Heffner and Hefner

Heffner and Hefner published by Academy of Arts and Healing Coach.

Cheater/Bullfight#2 (live)

Heffner & Hefner at James Street Gastro Pub.  Organ: Stan "The Man" Heffner, Sax: Butch Thomas, Guitar: Vince Sims, Drums: Joe Renda

Heffner and Hefner

Heffner & Hefner performance in Kittanning, Pa at the Riverfront Park. The band: Katt Hefner (vocals), Stan Heffner ( B3 organ), Butch Thomas (sax), Vince Sims (guitar), Joe Renda (drums).  Videography by Kevin Andrews.

Mack The Knife

Stan "The Man" Heffner playing "Mack The Knife"  at Venice Golf & Country Club, Venice, Florida.  Jeffery Arevalo on drums.


HEFFNER & HEFNER band playing a track from their "Over & Under Blues" cd.

Born on Christmas Day

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16

Over and Under Blues

Stan Heffner playing an excerpt of his original song, "Over & Under Blues";  the title track on the cd "Over & Under Blues".  Available on CD Baby.com, itunes, Amazon. Also appearing are Butch Thomas (sax), Vince Sims (guitar) and Joe Renda (drums). 

The Last Dance - Promo

The Last Dance (Stage Preview) Featuring Song Stylist Katt Hefner Produced by FAME Multimedia Productions for The Last Dance LLC  A Musical journey and how her life story paralleled that of Disco Queen Donna Summer..........

You Ain't had the blues

Katt Hefner with the Heffner and Hefner band singing a track from their "Over & Under Blues" cd. Pictures taken from Heffner & Hefner performance at the James Street Gastro Pub in Pittsburgh,Pa.  https://www.facebook.com/imagesbydebby

Step One

Heffner & Hefner at the Keel & Curley Winery Blueberry Festival. Butch Thomas (tenor sax), Vince Sims (guitar), Joe Renda (drums), Stan "The Man" Heffner (Hammond B3 organ).

Midnight Special

Heffner & Hefner band at the Tampa Bay Blueberry Festival, Keel & Curley Winery. Stan Heffner, organ; Butch Thomas, sax; Vince Sims, guitar; Joe Renda, drums.

Shakey Ground (live)

Heffner & Hefner at the Tampa Blueberry Festival. Katt Hefner, vocals; Stan Heffner, organ; Butch Thomas, sax; Vince Sims, guitar; Joe Renda, drums.

Let's Stay Together (live)

Heffner & Hefner (live) "Let's Stay Together" at Arts on the Allegheny, Kittanning, Pa.

Johnny comes marching home again

Stan playing "Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" with Heffner & Hefner band. 

Let the good times Roll

Katt Hefner and the All-Star Band

Katt Hefner Jazz Singer

Katt Hefner in Moscow

Benjamin Koppel, Robert Anchipolovsky, Katt Hefner in Moscow

I've got the world on a string

heffner and hefner 038